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Skill: Rowing Work: AMRAP 30 In teams of 3 Partner A: row 1000 m Partner B: 30 TTBs Partner C: run 400 m, with remaining time AMRAP Russian KBS @ 70/53 Switch only after row and TTBs are completed Score is total KBS

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Strength: Bench Press – Build to a 3RM Strength accessory: A. Ring Dips – 3×10 AHAP B. Horizontal Rows – 3×10 Work: EMOM 12 Odd: 15 Kipping Pull-ups (Rx+ 5 Bar Muscle Ups) Even: 15 Burpees

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Strength: A. Deadlift (pull from plates with the bar starting just above the knee) – 5×3 B. Strict Pull-ups – 5×3 AHAP For the deadlift quickly build up to a heavy weight for three and then use the same weight…

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Aerobic – Complete 4 rounds of the circuit for max reps 1 minute Wallball Shots, 20/15 (Rx+ 30/20) 1 minute Double Unders 1 minute Russian swings, 24/16kg 1 minute Burpees to a 45# plate

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Strength: Push Press – build to a heavy double, then Power Jerk 3 x 2 @ that weight Work: Row 3 x 500m rest 1:00 between efforts Score your avg 500m for all 3 efforts

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TEST: Clean 1RM You have 17 minutes to find your 1RM squat clean Strength: Clean high Pull – 3 sets of 100-105% of your 1RM TEST: “Randy” Perform 75 Power snatches for time M-75 W-55

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