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17 Feb 2015


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Wednesday, 18th


3 Rds (10 min)
1st PVC, 2nd BAR, 3rd Bar or add 20LBS to Bar
20 Pass through w/ PVC every round
4 of each:
Down + Up (Shrug)
Hang High Pull (elbows high & outside)
Muscle Snatch
Snatch Land (Video below)
Snatch Drop (Video below)
Hang Snatch
(SL) http://media.crossfit. com/cf-video/MuscleS-natch.wmv
(SD) http://media.crossfit. com/cf-video/Snatch-Drops.wmv
– The videos for Snatch Land, and Snatch Drop there is a addition to both movements. Start with the PVC/Bar on the back

Skill & Strength: 

Snatch 1Rm or 3Rm (15 min)


AMRAP 20min
10 American KB Swings RX: Red/Green  Scaled: Green/Yellow
10 Box Jumps
10 Russian Twists w/ KB
1 Rope Climb


16 Feb 2015


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Tuesday, 17th 

Warm up:

3rds: (8 min)
8 Burpees
250m row


GHD Measurements: Back extensions, Hip extensions, and GHD sit ups. (12-15 min)

Hero WOD 

Gator (11 min CAP)
8 rounds for time of:
5 Front Squats @ Rx 185/160, Scaled 160/135, 135/110
26 Ring Push ups or Push ups on KBS or DBs

5 min REST

Benchmark Girl WOD

Karen (11 min Cap)
150 Wall Balls

14 Feb 2015


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Monday, 16th 


100 Burpees – One works while the other counts. 

Benchmark Girls:

Partner WOD 

EMOM 30min
5 pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

*1 Partner counts while the other works. When a round is NOT completed, 2 Burpee penalty AFTER 30 min WOD.*

13 Feb 2015


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Saturday, 14th

Warm up:

“Annie” 8 min CAP 



Sit ups



For Time:

5 Rds

1k Row

20 Power Snatches      Rx: 135/95  Scaled: 115/75 – 95/55 – 75/35

12 Feb 2015


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Friday, 13th 


3x 400m row (1 min rest in-between, 10 Min cap)
Last 1, 400m @ race pace


Rope Climb (15 min cap)


Hero WOD:


AMRAP in 20 Min: 

10 Pull-ups

5 Dumbbell Deadlifts @ RX: 75/55 lbs  Scaled: 55/35 lbs

8 Push Presses @ RX: 135/95  Scaled: 115/75

11 Feb 2015


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Thursday, 12th


500m Row

20 DUs
10 Over & Under Fence
8 Inch Warm Push ups


Skill: Snatch Drills

Moderate Weight, work to complete full movement. (20min)
2 – Shrug pull from floor
2 – Low Hang High Pulls
1 – Low Hang Power Snatch
1 – OHS

5 min – Mobility

AMRAP 16min

10 – OHS ( RX: 135/95 Scaled: 115/75 )
8 Ring Dips
6 GHD sit up or K2E


10 Feb 2015


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Wednesday, 11th 


AMRAP 10min
5 Dead lifts
5 Muscle Cleans
5 Strict Press
*Ascending Weight, to a weight that will warm you up, not wear you down.*

Split Jerk from rack (20 min)

1 RM or 3 RM 

EMOM 20min
1 min: MAX Wall Balls
2 min: 200m Row

09 Feb 2015


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Tuesday, 10th

Warm up:

7 min CAP time:

Row 500m 


5 Over & Under Fence, each direction. 

10 Inch warms W/ push ups

15 Squats

20 DUs

Skill: (15 min)

Muscle up Drills and Progression.

1. Strict Pull ups + Ring Dips
-Use assistance if needed. Form must be strict, and be tough.
2. Seated Muscle up or The “ring thing” for Muscle ups.
– Description : Band is tied to ONE side, the other is help by your hand. Sit on band, and the muscle up movement from hanging in seated position. WILL be demonstrated.
3. High Rings: From a full hang, arms fully extended. Band is tied to a ring like you would on a bar, one for in band. Going throughout the full movement. 

For Time: (10min CAP)
4 Rds
10 Burpees
10 Narrow Squats
20m Bear Crawl
3 min REST
– Narrow squats are your feet together, and knees together. For stabilization, and to break bellow parallel.

For Time: (10min CAP)
4 Rds
10 Burpees
10 Pistols 5x each leg
20m Crab Walk
3 min REST

For Time: (10min CAP)
4 Rds
10 Burpees
10 Golblet Squats w/DB RX: 55lb/35lb Scaled: 35lb/20lb
20m Angry Gorilla Walk

08 Feb 2015


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Monday 9TH


EMOM 15 min

1 min: Strict Pull ups or Ring Rows

2 min: Hold a handstand, no longer than a MIN. 

3 min: 50m Bear crawl


A1. 4x 6/8

DB seated strict press (HEAVY)

1 min rest

A2. 4x 8/12

Shoulder Flys (with a weight that is moderate but DOES not screw up your alignment. )

-Standing position, + alignment from ground to OH. DBs in hands by your side, palms facing in, stand straight up, and face forward.

Movement: Raise DBs horizontally to shoulder height with a full extinction, and palms facing down. Bring DBs forward in front of chest @ shoulder height, still maintaining full extension. Raise DBs forward + up, finishing with the DB overhead, aligned with shoulders.  Reverse the movement, and you will finish, where you had started.

(Horizontal/Vertical Flys– Side/front to OH-Finish/DB over Shoulder. Reverse the way back down.)

2 min rest


3 Rds

Min MAX efforts:

1min: Burpees

30 sec rest

1 min: Sit ups

30 sec rest

1 min: American KB Swings  

RX: Red/Green

Scaled: Green/Yellow or Yellow/Orange  

2 min rest in-between rounds


06 Feb 2015

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Saturday 7th

Warm up: Row/Bike/Run (5-8min)

For time:


15 OH Walking Lunges – Plates, RX, 45/25 Scaled, 35/15

10 Burpee high jump w/ a 6 inch target

5 Front Squats @ 30% of 1RM Back Squat or 40% of 3RM

Every 5min the COACH will yell “Push ups” 5 must be completed

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