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Monday 23rdWarm-up: EMOM 15 min1 min: 5 Ring Rows or 5 strict pull ups 2 min: Handstand hold3 min: 150m row *For Ring Rows be vertically under. You can assist on strict pull ups*Skill/Drill:(25min Cap)B1. Strict Press 4x 2.2.2 rest 1…

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Sunday 22ndTeam of TWO:For time:2400m Row with two, 45lb bumper plates under the rear; Partners switch @ 1200m60 Burpee Pull ups1200m Row with two, 45lb bumper plates under the rear; Partners switch @ 600m30 Burpee Pull ups600m Row with two, 45lb…

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Saturday 21stWarm –up: (10 min)2xRow 500m - 1 min rest in-between. 1st slow, 2nd hard.  Skill: (25 min)Cleans 1Rm or 3rm WOD:5 Min AMRAP:1 Clean & Split Jerk @ 70% of 1RM + 85% of 3RM, off of the cleans. 5 Box Jumps RX:…

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Friday, 20thWarm-up:Row FISH gameThen:6 min/6rdsCrossroads for 30 seconds (Coach's will illustrate movement) Plank Hold for 30 secondsWOD:TABATA 8 min:Air Squats / V - ups4 min: Rest8 min:Pull ups / MT Climbers4 min: Rest8 min:Push Press(45/33)/ K2E or T2B*8 min of 20 seconds…

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Thursday, 19thWarm-up:Complete 100 DUsAccumulate 5 min of an L-SITEvery break/rest, perform 10 Med Ball CleansWOD:For time:4-8-12-16-20-16-12-8-4Medicine Ball Clean Burpees  20/1420 Abmat Sit ups35 DUs

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Wednesday, 18thWarm-up3 Rds (10 min)1st PVC, 2nd BAR, 3rd Bar or add 20LBS to Bar20 Pass through w/ PVC every round4 of each:Down + Up (Shrug)Hang High Pull (elbows high & outside)Muscle SnatchOHSSnatch Land (Video below)Snatch Drop (Video below)Hang Snatch(SL)…

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Tuesday, 17th Warm up:3rds: (8 min)8 Burpees250m rowSkill:GHD Measurements: Back extensions, Hip extensions, and GHD sit ups. (12-15 min)Hero WOD Gator (11 min CAP)8 rounds for time of:5 Front Squats @ Rx 185/160, Scaled 160/135, 135/11026 Ring Push ups or Push ups…

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Monday, 16th Warm-up:100 Burpees - One works while the other counts. Benchmark Girls:ChelseaPartner WOD EMOM 30min5 pull ups10 Push ups15 Squats*1 Partner counts while the other works. When a round is NOT completed, 2 Burpee penalty AFTER 30 min WOD.*

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Friday, 13th Warm-up3x 400m row (1 min rest in-between, 10 Min cap)Last 1, 400m @ race paceSkill:Rope Climb (15 min cap) Hero WOD:RickyAMRAP in 20 Min: 10 Pull-ups5 Dumbbell Deadlifts @ RX: 75/55 lbs  Scaled: 55/35 lbs8 Push Presses @ RX: 135/95  Scaled:…

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