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Tuesday 09-01-15

Skill: Pistol Progression Pistols - 50 reps each leg (alternate every 5 reps and add weight as able) Work: EMOM 12 Odd - 3 Touch and Go Squat Cleans (Moderately Heavy) Even - 7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups Grip: Pinch…

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Saturday 08-29-15

Power: Clean & Jerk - work up to a TMFD (20 minutes) Work: Partner WOD Complete for time Row 5000m Max Handstand Push-ups Partners must alternate every 10 reps. Record time and reps completed. Scaling: Reduced ROM HSPU or DB…

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Wednesday 08-26-15

Warm-up: As Many Rounds For Quality - 6 minutes 25 Russian Swings, 24kg/16kg 10 Inchworms with 2 Push-ups 10 Ring Rows 10 Bootstrappers 10 Air Squats Work: Row 100m x 10 1 minute of active rest on the rower between…

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