Mobility, Rowing, and the Rumble on the River!

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Mobility, Rowing, and the Rumble on the River!

Mobility, Rowing, and the Rumble on the River!

BC Men's Crew doing Cindy with Coach Pat and Renegade Rowing

BC Men’s Crew doing Cindy with Coach Pat and Renegade Rowing

What are you doing to improve your Mobility?

In rowing the longer your stroke the further you can move the boat and ultimately the faster you can go.  Same thing applies indoors, rowing on the erg.  The only problem with that equation is your positioning.  Are you in a strong position at the catch and finish?  Today is a day to work on mobility and improve that positioning.  Take at least 15 minutes, ideally longer, to work on your tight spots.  What limits you?  Ankle flexion at the catch?  Shoulder mobility at the finish?

Share where you tend to be tight during a row as well as your problem areas for WODs. What are you doing daily to work them out?


Here’s a glimpse of practice this week for the Renegade Rowing Team!  They race at the Rumble on the River, September 15th at Community Rowing Inc.  Come cheer them on!

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  • By Mickey Grouse 04 Sep 2013

    Pat’s Renegade Rowing program is AWESOME!

    GENTLEMEN (and ladies who aren’t going to CFB Ladies Night this Saturday night at the Phoenix Landing)! At least two of us dudes are doing All You Wish To Eat Sushi at Yamato Japanese Restaurant this Saturday, September 7th at 7 PM. Yamago is located at 117 Chiswick Road, Brighton and if you’re interested in joining us, please email me at mickeygrrrouse [at] gmail [dot] com so I have an accurate-ish headcount. Last time, Dennis “Noble Hero” Thé out-ate Jason “Be Epic” Gee by six pieces of nigiri. WHO WILL BE CROWNED SUSHI CHAMPION? Be sure to mobilize before.

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