North East Regionals

North East Regionals

North East Regionals

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The Regionals are Behind Us!

A ton of CFB members came down to watch the action in Canton, MA this weekend.  Some avoided a vicious sunburn, others didn’t.  At the end of it all, the victors were crowned and punched their ticket to the games.  They are as follows.


1st: Austin Malleolo
2nd: Daniel Tyminski
3rd: Eric McGee

1st: Danielle Horan
2nd: Amanda Goodman
3rd: Kaleena Ladeairous

1st: CrossFit Dynamix
2nd: CFNE team A
3rd: CrossFit King of Island Park

If you weren’t inspired by the end of the weekend, you weren’t in Canton!

Some of the workouts that these athletes performed under heavy fatigue of a long weekend in the sun, were outrageous.  People continue to push the envelope of human performance year after year.  These maniacs attacked everyone workout with such a reckless pace, their finish times bordered on unbelievable.

Some of the coaches have begun signing up for some summer throwdowns to get their competitive blood pumping.  If you are interested in getting involved with any of these throwdowns ask a coach!  The soonest one is in Vermont, which always provides for an interesting road trip.  Even if you have no idea what to expect from yourself and a competition, taking the plunge and signing up and committing for it, is never a bad idea.

Kaleena destroying a workout, she is a total machine…

~Coach Serious

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