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The bread and butter of the programming at Our Crew Fitness/CrossFit Boston, CrossFit is defined as constantly-varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity.

While the deadlift, bench press, and squat are important fundamental movements to build strength and size, there is a large body of barbell and gymnastics movements that will help you develop world-class strength.

The snatch and the clean and jerk. No two barbell movements come close to those two in testing your coordination, power, and grace. Weightlifting is an Olympic sport comprised of the snatch and clean and jerk.

The weightlifting program at Our Crew Fitness/CrossFit Boston trains members by emphasizing technique. Active participants are encouraged to test themselves in weightlifting competitions after training with us.

Combining stretching, joint mobilization, and concepts in physical therapy, our mobility program teaches athletes to move better through proper technique and anatomical knowledge.

While group classes are a great way to work out in a community, nothing is more effective in getting you results than personal training. Regular members are given personal training sessions along with their monthly memberships. Additionally, all new members are required to go through personal training sessions to prepare them for the intensity of our classes.

Renegade Rowing

One of the original sports in the modern Olympics, Rowing is a sport that demands superior technique. It requires individual discipline as well as teamwork. Athletes sit in a long narrow boat facing backwards and use either one or two oars to help propel the boat forwards.

Rowing requires total concentration to harness the power and precision needed to race. Competitive rowers usually race head to head on flat water over a distance of 2 kilometers or against the clock over 4 to 6 kilometers. The rowing stroke is a universal motor recruitment pattern and is performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity.

It is one of several functional movements employed by CrossFit. Functional movements are compound movements that utilize multiple joints. They are natural, effective and efficient locomotors of body and external objects. No aspect of functional movements is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly (Glassman, 2010). In rowing that would be the capacity to move a boat over 2,000 meters as fast as possible, the goal of every competitive rower. Collectively, these three attributes, load, distance and speed, uniquely qualify functional movements for the production of power. ( Glassman, G. (2010, May 15). CrossFit level 1 training guide. The CrossFit Journal, 1-115. Retrieved fromhttp://journal.crossfit.com/2010/05/crossfit-level-1-training-guide.tpl)

Rowing Club at CrossFit Boston

The Rowing Club at CrossFit Boston is a group of individuals looking to take their training to the next level by combining Rowing and CrossFit. All that is required to be in the Rowing Club is an open mind, a willingness to learn and work hard, and a training partner. Rowers at CrossFit Boston team up with a training partner and follow Coach Pat’s Blog on RenegadeRowing.com. Whenever you complete a Rowing WOD post your results to the comment section of that blog post and Coach Pat will get back to you with feedback. Coach Pat programs five workouts a week for Renegade Rowing and the CrossFit Rowing Facebook Page.

Individualized Coaching and Feedback

If you and your training partner are looking for feedback and instruction to improve your form or strategy when attacking Rowing WOD’s then get in touch with Coach Pat at pat@renegaderowing.com or post your questions to the blog.

Rowing Workshops

Renegade Rowing will be offering Rowing Workshops at CrossFit Boston throughout the year for those members of the Rowing Club looking to increase their knowledge of the stroke, their efficiency, and their ability to crush Rowing WOD’s in competition. Keep an eye on the events page for the next available Rowing Workshop.

Rowing on the Water

Every year Renegade Rowing holds tryouts for the Renegade Rowing Team. Renegade Rowers compete on the water at Regattas throughout the Summer and Fall as well as every winter at the Renegade Rowing League and CRASH-B Indoor World Rowing Championships. Members of the Rowing Club at CrossFit Boston looking to tryout will need to have an established training partner, know how to execute Rowing WODs according to the Renegade Rowing Blog, and know their results for the peak power, 1 minute, 500m, 2k, and 5k Tests on the Concept 2 Ergometer.

Our Kids and Teens Program is designed to develop a lifelong love of health and fitness and it is designed with the child in mind to develop the neurological, cognitive and motor skills.

We require our young trainees to enter into private training prior to joining any group classes just as we do with our adults. Here they will establish a bond with their coach while learning the basic movements and gym etiquette.

Once your child graduates into our group training, the class structure will consist of a warm-up, skill work, followed by the workout for the day, and finishes with a fun fitness related game.

There are 3 levels of classes that we offer: Pre-Kids, Kids, and Teens.

Pre-Kids (ages 3-6) – Meets 1 class weekly
Kids (ages 6-12) – Meets 1 class weekly
Teens (13+) – Meets 2 classes weekly

The idea was that while CrossFit is broad, general, and inclusive, it’s a fact that older athletes have different needs based on a number of things including pre-existing injuries (sports and non sports related), health issues, longer recovery times, decreased muscle and bone density, etc.

Older athletes need an environment that is a strength and conditioning program geared toward them, but that is also a learning environment. The learning aspect is that whether they were athletes earlier in their lives, or never participated in a sport, there is knowledge to be shared about our aging bodies and how to prolong our health and activity level so we can continue to be strong and healthy for years to come.