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Kari Tannenbaum

Kari Tannenbaum


Kari has taken a very different road to becoming a Coach with us here at Our Crew Fitness. She recently retired from being a Public Defender in Massachusetts for more than 20 years. Now in her “retirement”, she enjoys helping others become better versions of themselves.

Coach Kari grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She was fairly active in some activities (ballet, diving, and gymnastics) up until the age of 16. Though she was active, she wouldn’t consider herself as an “athlete” during those years and from age 16 up until she turned 35, she did not participate in any sort of structured fitness or athletics. Instead, she focused on her family and her career.

At the age of 35, after the birth of her second daughter, Kari began learning how to row. She joined a club and received instruction (she still has great form too). Fast forward 4 years, Kari decided she wanted to attempt a Triathlon. In 2009 at 47 years young, Kari completed her first 1/2 IronMan.

That accomplishment propelled her to try CrossFit. Her office moved near where CrossFit Boston was located at the time. She started with personal coaching sessions with Neal to deconstruct the 19 years of non-functional activity. From there began her journey. When Kari completed her 1/2 IronMan, she struggled to lift half of her own bodyweight from the ground. After two years of training with CrossFit Boston, she got her first pull-up and today, 7 years later, she can now lift almost 2x her bodyweight off of the floor!

In 2013, Kari decided she wanted to pay forward what she had learned while being a student at CrossFit Boston. She earned her CF-L1 and in the summer of 2014 she started Our Crew Fitness’s Apprenticeship to become a coach here.

Kari’s goal is to get more of her peer’s (50+ years old) into Functional Fitness. To help them overcome the misconceptions that they are too injured, too weak, or that it’s too late for them. She wants to teach them that they can really enjoy the life that they worked so hard for for so many years.