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Neal Thompson

Neal Thompson

Neal Thompson

Owner + Coach

Neal Thompson is the founder of CrossFit Boston. He has been involved in coaching people in health and fitness for more than 2 decades. Neal found his passion in physical culture as a young teenager when he first began wrestling in his hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The need to get in shape for his first season led Neal to the weight room and his path was set. Neal eventually went on to become a collegiate football player and spent quite a bit of his free time in the gym! While in college Neal attended the USA Weightlifting Club Coach Certification being taught by Leo Totten, a well known Sr. International Coach of Team USA, and thus began his journey as a coach working with some female athletes while at Bucknell on the lifts. Neal works with fitness beginners to hardcore enthusiasts and designs his programs to be scalable to all individuals and their needs. He believes that strength is the foundation of all athleticism. Outside of CrossFit, Neal is a family man that spends his time with his beautiful wife and daughter. Their time is often spent outdoors hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or skiing.

Before I opened CrossFit Boston I was working as a personal trainer at one Boston’s local gyms. I enjoyed the work but I felt that something was missing. I realized that same thing could be said for my own workouts. Being an athlete since a young age I always had something to work for, I had goals, a purpose. Upon graduating from college I had found it difficult to stay motivated. The structure was missing as was the intensity. I could tell that my clients were feeling the same way. So I began searching. I was first led to bootcamp style workouts. I realized I was on to something here because it created the TEAM atmosphere. Collectively it is much easier to work harder in a group of individuals with common goals. This was true with the bootcamp classes. My clients were achieving good results, had a community, and really enjoyed the workouts. BUT there still was something missing. It was about this time that one of my clients approached me asking if I had heard about CrossFit. I hadn’t. He handed me the “What is Fitness?” article from the CrossFit Journal and I was impressed with what I read. I had to see more so I went to the website and the “Workout of the Day” was “Diane”, reps of 21-15-9 for time of: 225 pound deadlift and handstand push ups. I had never done handstand push ups before nor had combined bodyweight movements with weight lifting as a timed exercise. Let’s just say 20 minutes later I had my head in the trash can and I was hooked! The holy grail of intensity had been bestowed upon me. Two weeks later I was attending my first CrossFit Certification. When I came back to Boston and began implementing CrossFit’s methodology and principles my clients and I saw results in our fitness far surpassing previous efforts. I cannot imagine a program better suited to meet the needs of my clients.

CrossFit Boston was the first CrossFit Affiliate in all of New England and the 21st affiliate to open its doors. Our growth has led us to move or expanded 3 times in the 5 years that our doors have been opened. 5 affiliates have been opened from our membership and we are regularly consulted on to assist CrossFit Affiliates and Athletes across the country.

Neal has over 15 years of experience as both an athlete and coach. His clientele has ranged from professional athletes to soccer moms and all sorts and likes between. Neal received a B.S. in Business Administration from Bucknell University, graduating in 1999. While attending the University, he competed on the football team and was named a tri-Captain his Senior year.


  • CrossFit Level III Underground Strength Coach
  • CrossFit Barbell CrossFit Football
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Nutrition
  • CrossFit Running and Endurance Coach
  • CrossFit Science of Exercise
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Rowing
  • USA Weightlifting Club Coach