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Today's WoD

  • WODs 020115-020815

    Sorry for the delay! Here are the WODs for the week! ENJOY! – Coach Jen 


     Sunday 1st

    Warm up (15 min)

    Indian run around building

    Foot Fire/UP- DOWNS. Coaches Call. (3min)

     WOD: Team of 2

    100 Wall Balls

    50 Burpees

    100 Wall Balls

    50 Burpees

    400 DUs or 800 Singles.

     – While 1 partner does wall balls the other must hold a plank position. While 1 partner is going doing Burpees the other partner must hold a wall squat. During the jump rope teammate must count. –


    Monday 2nd

    Warm up – Coaches Choice

    A1. 4x

    Close Grip Bench Press (rest 1 min)

    Ascending weight as # of reps goes down.

     A2. 4x 10 Negative Pull-ups (Rest 2 min)

    Pull up or Jump up. Hold for 4 seconds w/ chin over bar, slowly lower down 3-2-1 to full extension.

    Mobility (5 min)

     AMRAP 15 min

    3 Burpee Broad Jumps

    9 Clean & Jerk 95/75 RX – 75/55 Scaled

    12 Single arm Snatch w/KBs – 6x each arm RX: Red/Black Scaled: Green/Yellow


    Tuesday 3rd

    Fitness Rating w/ Partners

    400m Run w/ 20lb Ball

    Max Pull ups

    Max Push ups

    Tabata Squats

    - 1 partner works at a time.

    - Assistance for any rep does not count towards your score.

    - Be efficient with time so the partners have the same amount of time to complete the fitness test.


    Wednesday 4th

    Warm up: EMOM 10 min

    1 min- Row – @ 60% effort for a steady minute.

    2 min- 8 squats, 2 Wall Climbs

     (30 min)

    Back Squats

    1 RM – RX / 3 RM – Scaled 

     Strict Press

    1 RM – RX/ 3 RM – Scaled 

    AMRAP 10 min

    12 Med Ball Cleans

    6 HSPU

    20 DUs


    Thursday 5th

    Warm up:

    7 min TEAM work


    30 Secs HARD

    30 Secs CRUSE 

    • EVERYONE rows, but as a TEAM you must SING the alphabet, THEN sing it backwards.

    Skill: (10 min)

    Kipping Pull ups

    RX – Accumulate 50

    Scaled – Accumulate 30

    -Every rest period everyone must complete 15 sit-ups-

     Adrian (15min Cap)

    7 Rds

    3 Forward Rolls

    5 Wall Climbs

    7 T2B

    9 Box Jumps


     Friday 6th

    Warm up:

    AMRAP 10 min

    10 Squats

    10 Sit ups

    10 Push ups


    500m Row @ race pace

    5 min Rest

     2K Row

     5 min Rest

    AMRAP 12 min

    6 Clean +  Strict Press 

    RX- 135/95 Scaled- 95/75

    8 T2B

    10 Ring Rows


    Saturday 7th

    Warm up: Row/Bike/Run (5-8min)

    For time:


    15 OH Walking Lunges – Plates, RX, 45/25 Scaled, 35/15

    10 Burpee high jump w/ a 6 inch target 

    5 Front Squats @ 30% of 1RM Back Squat or 40% of 3RM 

    • Every 5min COACHES yell “Push ups” 5 must be completed


    Sunday 8th

    Partner WOD

     Bradley times 2:

    20 Rds

    100m Sprint/150m Row

    10 Pull ups

    100m Sprint/150m Row

    10 Burpees

    • Partners must run/row together.
    • Team can split Pull ups, and Burpees BUT each partner MUST complete 1 rep in every round.